The worktop plays an essential role in the kitchen. It can either be matched to the unit fronts or, alternatively, provide contrast. Numerous colours are available and, just like materials, are subject to trends. Budget is an important factor when choosing a worktop. Price variations can be significant from one material to another. It is therefore important to define a budget before choosing your material. As well as the aesthetic and financial aspects, it is important to know the properties of the worktop. Because not all materials will offer the same qualities to match your lifestyle. The worktop must withstand impacts, scratches, humidity, heat, grease, temperature variations and household cleaning products, which can all result from normal use of the kitchen.




This is the most common material in kitchens. As well as being excellent value for money, the laminate worktop offers an infinite choice of customisation. Available in a dozen thicknesses, several different appearances (matt, shiny, structured) and multiple shapes (square, round, half-moon). Easy to maintain, it adapts to all ambiences. However, its heat resistance up to 180° (for a few seconds) means you cannot put a dish out of the oven directly on the worktop. To do that you will need a worktop protector. Once damaged, laminate cannot be repaired.


FENIX is a new thermosetting resin laminate. This worktop is able to self-heal thanks to the use of applied nanotechnology. Micro-scratches disappear through exposure to heat – simply place a damp cloth on the surface to be repaired and, with a few sweeps of an iron, micro-scratches disappear to make the surface like new. With low light reflection, the surface of these products is highly opaque, soft to the touch and fingerprint resistant. FENIX materials are extremely resistant to scratches, abrasion, dry heat, acidic solvents and household cleaning products.

Compact laminate

Compact laminate is extremely thin. Made from several layers of resin-impregnated kraft paper, its high-pressure technology produces a laminate with a thickness of 10mm, 12mm or 20mm. Despite its thin edge, it is very hard-wearing and, just like laminate, offers a wide range of finishes. It is possible to install a sink glued beneath the worktop and even to cut grooves for the draining board. It is also available in 29mm, 38mm and 57mm with a particleboard backing. It is a rot-proof material with excellent impact resistance. It withstands occasional temperatures of 210° for a few seconds. It is therefore strongly recommended to use a worktop protector and a cutting board to prepare your food.

Natural materials

Solid wood

A solid wood worktop is guaranteed to give your kitchen a warm atmosphere. Whatever the type of wood or the cut chosen, the appearance of your worktop will improve over time. This is the advantage of a raw and natural material. Beech, oak, bamboo, teak, walnut – many types are available along with many different finishes. Each gives the kitchen a different style. Absolutely all woods will darken over time. Wood is a living material and reacts to various atmospheric factors (cold, heat, humidity). All the woods in our collection come from sustainable forestry. Wood requires regular maintenance, including regular sanding and treatment. To avoid scratches, it is recommended to use a cutting board to prepare your food.


Natural stone (referred to as granite after transformation) is a very hard igneous rock. Granite is a beautiful and hard-wearing natural material. It comes from the cooling and crystallisation of magma over millions of years deep within the earth. It offers a wide variety of colours and shades. The structure of its natural colours also ensures that each worktop is unique and lends character to the whole kitchen. As well as being easy to maintain and solid, granite is able to withstand high temperatures, scratches and impacts. The polishing process to achieve a matt finish can increase the porosity of the stone, making the granite more susceptible to stains. Most of the time it is delivered with an oil-based treatment that needs to be reapplied regularly to maintain its splendour.

Current materials


Resistant to stains, impacts, scratches and extreme temperatures and as hard as stone, quartz is one of the hardest materials in the world. Composed of 90% natural quarried quartz, reduced to powder before being mixed with acrylic resin and tinted with a dye. It withstands all impacts and guarantees safety in your kitchen when handling hard objects. Its non-porous surface is very resistant to stains (coffee). Although quartz can withstand high temperatures (200°), prolonged exposure to heat (a dish straight from the oven) can cause cracking or deformation. It is therefore strongly recommended to use a worktop protector and a cutting board to prepare your food.


As in antiquity, ceramic is made from clay fired at high temperature, while modern techniques offer high resistance to impacts and scratches. This chic and modern material allows you to cut your food directly on the worktop without damaging the surface. It combines all the usage qualities for everyday comfort. It can withstand extreme temperatures (900°), is very hygienic, stain-resistant and is a light material harder than granite. Be careful however not to cut directly on the worktop, as that could damage it.


DEKTON is an alloy of raw materials used to manufacture glass, latest-generation porcelain and quartz surfaces. These are compacted by a 25,000-tonne press and heated to 1,200°. Its non-porous nature and internal micro-defects make it the only material able to withstand thermal shocks and resistant to intense heat. It can withstand extreme temperatures (900°).

For pros

Stainless steel

Hygienic and resistant to corrosion and heat, stainless steel is renowned for being easy to maintain. Its practicality makes it the preferred choice of professionals, while its unique look gives your kitchen an industrial feel. It shine will reduce over time. Although it is resilient to powerful cleaning products such as bleach and commercial degreasers, avoid rubbing it with a scouring pad.


Transparent, matt, mass-coloured, smooth or frosted, etc. – the glass worktop is synonymous with sobriety, modernity and elegance. Glass is also one of the easiest to maintain and most hygienic materials. Numerous styles are available and can be used sparingly. They are made from impact-resistant tempered glass able to withstand temperatures up to 120°. They are sensitive to impacts and cannot be repaired once cracked.

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