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Published on 15 November 2021
Updated on 15 November 2021

Wooden kitchen unit doors – the right colour combinations

Opting for wooden kitchen unit doors is an excellent choice, as this authentic and natural material goes well with any colour. But which one should you choose? It all depends on the atmosphere you want to create in your kitchen.

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Head into the woods for a kitchen that reflects your personality

Authentic and high-quality, wood immediately lends warmth and natural elegance to your kitchen. It is available in various finishes to suit your tastes and budget. It can be stained, matt, varnished or treated to age over time. For a more affordable option you could consider wood-effect melamine or laminate... Anything’s possible!


Winning combinations of wooden kitchen unit doors

Which paint should you choose for your walls? Which worktop and splashback materials would go best with your wooden kitchen unit doors? These are vital questions, since the look of your wooden kitchen unit doors changes depending on what they are combined with and everything depends on the style of kitchen you want.


Scandinavian style: light and pastel colours

Does your dream kitchen have a cosy, natural feel? The Nordic-style kitchen is for you! Its colour palette generally pairs light-coloured wood with white. But you could also combine your wooden kitchen unit doors with muted colours, such as light blue, water green, powder pink, almond green or pastels, to add a touch of softness to the raw wood look.

Country style: the charm of framed doors

They win you over with their alluringly retro appearance and old-fashioned elegance. But rustic kitchens are also becoming more modern, opting for lighter types of wood, which go well with both light and dark colours. Like our Oxford kitchen, whose solid wood framed doors and silk-grey colour evoke a quaint English cottage. This goes perfectly with a black granite worktop – a chic colour that perfectly sets off the black iron button handles and hob.


Industrial and modern styles: combining materials

Wooden kitchen fronts are also found in industrial-style kitchens. The natural material is generally more raw, in darker tones such as the Sierra oak of the Linea kitchen or the Walnut design of the Clara kitchen. These dark woods go well with chic black and concrete greys. You can also mix colours and materials for a highly successful blend of tradition and modernity.


Choose bold colours for a bespoke kitchen

Whatever colour you choose to pair with your wooden kitchen unit doors – pink, red, yellow, green or coral – this material is neutral and so perfectly matches any colour kitchen. Let yourself go (provided you’re certain it is a long-term choice and not just a passing fad) – you will give your kitchen vitality and personality (your own)!

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