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ixina Jade

Grey flint


White Alpine



Dolce conviviale

U-shaped layout

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A kitchen under the roof

Small, yes, but above all practical and cosy! With its jade green hues, this kitchen will bring you peace and softness. Its configuration allows you to define spaces intelligently. And if you like, you can extend this pretty green colour to your living room furniture, for a guaranteed Zen effect.


A well thought-out kitchen!

No more bending over to empty the dishwasher! With this height-adjustable dishwasher, we've simplified the task for you every day. You'll also find 3 ultra-practical, space-saving saucepans in this kitchen. And, as a bonus, you'll be able to enjoy a view of the sky and the horizon... what more could you ask for?

Green from kitchen to living room

Would you like a TV unit to match your kitchen? Choose and customise your furniture from the many possible combinations, for a seamless whole and a beautiful harmony of colours!

Light up the sky

What could be better than a glass roof to let the light in, define the space, and add a touch of design just the way we like it!


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