Our sanitaryware for the kitchen

Our sanitaryware for the kitchen

Have you got an idea of your dream kitchen? What does your sink look like? Its colour, shape, materials... But have you considered the mixer tap? Kitchen sanitaryware is not always what we think of first. However, it is important both stylistically and practically. Ixina invites you to explore all the possibilities in terms of sinks and taps.  

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The essential kitchen sanitaryware accessory – the sink

Despite falling into the sanitaryware category, sinks should also be valued for their aesthetics. As well as the need to be functional, along with taps they give the final touch to the look of your kitchen. You have a choice between:  

  • Granite sinks   

Dans la tendance, leur aspect pierre naturelle aux nuances subtiles dégage une élégance intemporelle. Grâce à leur surface lisse et non poreuse, leur entretien est simple et cela en fait une surface très hygiénique. Ils sont de plus très résistants aux chocs et à la chaleur.  

  • Stainless steel sinks 

This is the most common material. Present in both professional kitchens and many homes, stainless steel goes with every type of kitchen. It is easy to clean, hygienic and resistant to daily handling.  

  • Resin sinks  

Resin is a composite material used to mould ergonomic basin shapes. It is perfect for a modern style and suitable for tight budgets. It is also a light material, facilitating installation of the sink.  

  • Ceramic sinks 

A traditional and timeless material, ceramic sinks go with any type of interior. They are robust and resistant to chemical corrosion and high temperatures, making them easy to clean.  

Kitchen sanitaryware and plumbing – choosing the right mixer tap

Mixer taps differ from traditional combined taps which have two controls to vary the water temperature. They are much more modern and have a single control. Its vertical movement controls the flow, while horizontal controls the temperature. There are two main types of mixer taps: 

  • Mixer tap with spout 

Traditional and easy to use, these are suitable for all types of sinks. The spout can usually be rotated for convenience and you can choose a style to suit you – swan-neck, L-shaped or angled, as well as pivoting. This feature is very useful if you like to wash your salad leaves in front of the window, then open it up to call your children for lunch! 

  • Mixer tap with spray head 

Convenient for cleaning large dishes and deep containers, as well as your fruit and vegetables, it is suitable for wide sinks or those with two basins. The spray head is either included in the spout to blend in with the design or exposed for a more industrial look. Most have a switch to choose between two jets. 

Sinks and taps – bespoke layout and settings

Square, rectangular, double sink, with or without drainer – the shape and size of your sink is primarily a matter of ergonomics. A large single basin is ideal if you have a dishwasher and are short of space. An additional basin can be useful for washing your vegetables separately from the basin dedicated to cleaning utensils.  

Most of our mixer taps will also make everyday life easier thanks to certain features offered.   

Some have a flow restricter ensuring a water saving of up to 50%.   

Most are fitted with removable and easy-to-clean anti-limescale aerators.  

You could also opt for a contactless mixer tap which uses an infrared motion detector to activate the water. This ensures significant water savings.   

All the solutions are available to you in one of our stores. Don't wait any longer and come and choose your kitchen sanitaryware.