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Published on 21 October 2021
Updated on 21 October 2021

Kitchen larder: how to successfully arrange your pantry

The secret room of the house, placed behind the food preparation area, the kitchen pantry offers real everyday benefits. It allows you to keep a clear and tidy kitchen while having a reserve of food stored close at hand under optimal conditions. The kitchen pantry sometimes has multiple functions, serving as a pantry, a storage area and a laundry room. Find out how to successfully organise your pantry with user-friendly, cleverly arranged and correctly-sized storage.

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How to arrange your pantry

Like a huge cupboard, while being an internal space in its own right, a pantry needs to be particularly well arranged to ensure we obtain the optimum benefit from it. So choose user-friendly solutions to ensure you have everything close at hand, while de-cluttering your living space. This area can be used to tidy and store your household appliances, your food reserves as well as anything not immediately useful in the kitchen. So for clever storage, take advantage of all the wall space by installing large (high and deep) shelves.

Also remember, when you come home from shopping to arrange your food by expiry date, to avoid throwing away products that could have been eaten.

Finally, place your appliances at chest height to minimise strain on your back when using them.


What size should your kitchen pantry be?

If you are working on renovation plans for your home and are considering a kitchen pantry, consider allowing at least 4m2. Of course, if you have more space available, you will benefit even more. Also, to gain a precious few square centimetres and optimise the passageway between areas, consider installing a sliding or retractable screen door.



Where to place your pantry

Whether referred to as a larder or a pantry, these little rooms are most commonly placed adjacent to the kitchen for practicality.

This extra room does not necessarily have to have a window or an opening to the outside, but needs to be well ventilated, especially if it is also used as a utility room.

Choose a room on ground level to ensure it is easy to access and safe even if you have your arms full.

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