Published on 25 October 2021
Updated on 25 October 2021

Zellige – trendy tiling from Morocco

Iridescent Zellige tiles from the Middle East liven up our interiors with their pretty colours and reflections. Discover their history and how to introduce them into your contemporary kitchen.

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Zellige – an ultra-trendy artisanal tile

Zellige first appeared in the 10th century in the Fez region of Morocco and have always been hand-crafted from clay ever since. The tiles are formed using moulds to obtain a consistent thickness of 2cm. Once the clay has dried, they are initially fired at a high temperature. They are then coated with a thick varnish.

After firing, this enamelling makes the tiles more solid as well as more lustrous. Above all, it gives Zellige tiles their unique colours and subtly contrasting shades. Due to the way it is hand-crafted, each ceramic tile has a unique hue.

These colourful little tiles are now used in numerous renovation projects for their character, elegant reflections and authenticity.


Zellige as a splashback in the kitchen

These Moroccan tiles are an excellent choice as a kitchen wall covering, since splashbacks are certainly put to the test – from spraying water to spatters of grease, knocks and temperature changes. Thanks to their composition and the way in which they are made, Zellige tiles are particularly hard-wearing. They are therefore perfectly suited for protection as well as decoration purposes when creating your kitchen. Their lustrous finish also reflects lighting above the work surface to set off your room and your furniture.

Zellige as a kitchen work surface

The technical properties of Zellige tiles mean they can also be used for your work surface. This increasingly popular choice has appealed to interior designers for several years now.

The irregular appearance of Zellige tiles adds a touch of originality and authenticity, while creating a charming and timeless look. Their pretty colours will give you vast expressive possibilities and give you the pleasure of assembling subtly nuanced shades.

Finally, if used as a strong element in your kitchen design, these tiled steeped in history will take you on a journey. This spirit of escape will no doubt inspire you when preparing your meals.


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