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Published on 24 December 2021
Updated on 24 December 2021

A kitchen in wood and metal – contrasts to enhance your interior

The wood and metal kitchen plays on the contrast between cold and warm materials to create an industrial-style room. Discover this on-trend combination, for a contemporary interior design benefiting from the clever layout of a functional kitchen that is pleasant to see and live in.

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Wood and metal kitchen: industrial inspiration

Whether you live in a converted factory or a more traditional townhouse, a wood and metal kitchen will immediately give your room an industrial feel. To fully embrace this style, our MAJANO model has assembled the best of this atmosphere by mixing raw and natural materials.

In this wood and metal kitchen, you immediately feel transported to a New York loft, creating surroundings to inspire your culinary creativity. Once the meal is ready, the central island then extends to become a large wooden dining table for you to share your dinner in this spacious wood and metal kitchen.

Finally, you can make the space all your own by placing various decorative objects on minimalist shelves along the wall.



White kitchen, wooden worktop and stainless steel appliances

The kitchen, which combines bright white fronts with the warmth of a Havana oak worktop, seems to fit into a Scandinavian style. But combined with stainless steel appliances, glass partitions and matt metal bar stools, the ixina VOGUE kitchen reflects the influence of factory or loft trends to create a cutting-edge interior design. The contrasts, along with the personalisation of this bespoke room, make it a unique space. The result is a welcoming, functional and resolutely modern wood and metal kitchen.

Wood and metal kitchen: dark shades for a modern room

For those looking for an industrial-inspired, but equally elegant and distinguished, wood and metal kitchen, we have created CLARA. With its dark walnut facades topped by a dark worktop, the room is captivating. And to be even more chic, we have paired the wood and metal kitchen with metal handles and taps that will echo your lights. This will ensure an overall impression that is harmonious and timeless and will serve you for many years.

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