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Published on 10 February 2020
Updated on 10 February 2020

Kitchen decoration: how to create an elegant and contemporary kitchen?

Achieve an elegant and contemporary kitchen

Do you dream of having a chic, elegant kitchen, without having to redo the entire design? Here are some inspiring kitchen decoration ideas to give your room a contemporary look.

Black to symbolise elegance

When we think of elegance, we generally think of black. This colour certainly has a unique ability to emphasise the lines of your furniture and highlight decorative details, wood and metal. Another advantage is that black instantly gives your kitchen a graphic look. For a resolutely contemporary kitchen, you could therefore use black without hesitation for your worktop, cabinets, chairs or stools.

Subtle touches of colour

Black and understated, okay – but contemporary kitchens can also, subtly, provide an invigorating look. For this, nothing can beat a splash of colour (mustard, royal blue, etc.) on a wall. This same colour can also be picked out in a few accessories (a vase or containers) or the back of a designer chair, for example. It’s all about subtlety and restraint.

Natural touches

An elegant and modern kitchen also now tends to offer a few touches of wood, subtly showcased by your kitchen’s design. This could be a parquet floor, some wooden furniture, some calming plants or herbs to decorate the worktop...

Embrace efficient storage

Elegance has no room for clutter. When decorating a chic kitchen, the tendency is to strip everything back to achieve a minimalist result. It is therefore essential to choose your storage so that everything has its place once stored.

Invisible household appliances

The height of chic today is to enjoy maximum comfort with minimal clutter. That is why the current trend is to have fully integrated appliances or even to hide them in large, specially created cupboards. Once the kitchen is tidy, all you need is an immaculate worktop. So chic! 

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