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Published on 21 December 2021
Updated on 21 December 2021

Colour choices for a modern kitchen

Choosing the right colours for your kitchen is vital. There are different tastes and colours, but there are also particular colours that are in fashion. Here is the on-trend colour palette for a modern kitchen. Why not adopt them?

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This year, in terms of interior design, fashionable colours are becoming more dense and offering a beautiful escape into nature. Since the health crisis, we are seeing a renewed interest in the environment and a greater need to recharge our batteries. The kitchen was the room most used by the French during lockdown. For these two reasons, this year the kitchen is taking on the colours of nature, earth, sky and plants. They are associated with raw materials, wood, wicker, rocks and natural stones. Another major trend is monochrome black or white kitchens, which continue to be popular for their modern, designer appearance. The latest trend is for two-tone kitchen units, with one colour on the front and another inside the cabinet.


Trend 1: the call of the wild

Plants are coming into our homes, with green as one of the key colours of the year. It is available in sage green, olive green or reed green, as in our Délia kitchen, which dares to embrace the complete look, with little highlights in wood. Green also goes very well with terracotta, another star colour that evokes Oriental lands and warms our interiors. A touch of brass, on the handles for example, gives you a natural kitchen in step with the times. Other colours are reminiscent of nature: matt sand fronts take us on a trip to the south, in the direction of Provence, while the mineral white of marble on the fronts and/or the worktop give a refined, chic and natural kitchen.

Trend 2: the cocooning kitchen

In search of refuge, we aspire to a relaxed lifestyle in our interiors. Kitchens are therefore adorned with soft colours, associated with warm wood for a cocooning atmosphere typical of Scandinavian kitchens.
 These can be nude, a mixture of pink and beige, or the gamut of pastels ranging from pink to blue. Blue is also the “it” colour this year, in shades of light blue, polar blue, indigo... darker, deeper, tending towards purple or even petroleum blue like the matt finish fronts of our Velvet kitchen. Modernity and a zen atmosphere are guaranteed in a sky blue kitchen.



Trend 3: black or white – a safe bet.

The chic colour of high-end interiors, monochrome black continues to appeal and always goes well with wood, as in our Vogue kitchen. Shades such as anthracite or graphite are taking over from black this year, to create ultra-elegant and modern kitchens... White, popular for its brightness, is making a return, particularly in monochrome kitchens, and is available in grey or more subdued tones such as the magnolia present in our Lumina kitchen.


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