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November 2021

Lighting the kitchen worktop: three key solutions

While essential for a functional and pleasant kitchen, lighting above the worktop needs to be carefully considered when designing your kitchen. Find out how to achieve the right level of light in the right place and throughout the day.

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Bring natural light into your kitchen!

There is nothing more pleasant than natural light when preparing your supper. This may be rare, however, depending on the season, where you live and which direction your home faces. The kitchen should therefore be optimised to let in as much natural light as possible, while also pairing it with a lighting system above the worktop.

The most effective way of allowing the light to flow is to take out the walls between different rooms. An open kitchen is therefore the perfect option. If you want to isolate the meal preparation area from the living rooms, however, you can install a glass roof. This will prevent odours, as well as noise, from travelling – while natural light will invade your kitchen.



Various kitchen lights for a bright worktop

If you have wall units in your kitchen, the worktop can quickly be plunged into darkness. To address this, ixina offers numerous attractive and user-friendly solutions. Light bars built into shelves, for example, provide you with lighting above the worktop and minimalist lines, for a sleek look that is easy to maintain. Down-lights, on the other hand, are decidedly on-trend and available in several designs to satisfy your every desire. In any case, lights fitted above the worktop are completely integrated into ixina kitchen units for an elegant finish, without any unsightly electric wires.


Enhance the lighting above the worktop with a pendant light

Both decorative and functional, this versatile lighting system is a must have in the kitchen. It improves the overall brightness of the room and reduces the number of low lights, while improving comfort. We recommend choosing a pendant light matching the style of your kitchen and then fitting it with a connected bulb to vary the warmth, colour and intensity of the light depending on the mood you want to create.

Finally, if you give in to the temptation to go big, remember that the golden rule in interior design is to opt for an odd number. To create a sense of harmony, it is therefore better to have one, three or even five pendant lights!


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