Kitchen styles
February 2020

A naturally inspired kitchen!

If you don’t go to nature, nature will come to your kitchen! This is the latest trend – bringing the outside inside and enjoying the good vibes and invigorating effect of plants and natural materials. Would you like to find out more? Naturally!

A 100% green kitchen!

Plants are invading our interiors. In this kitchen, eco-responsible materials are used – another reason to feel good in it! Open shelves are used to accommodate a host of green plants, highlighted by discreet LED lighting.

All sorts of plants are used, from herbs to enhance your favourite dishes to decorative plants.

They are placed all around the kitchen, in jars or in chipped dishes, upcycled into trendy flowerpots (a completely green idea)!



The boom in natural materials

Wood, slate, stone, seagrass – natural materials are a great choice for the splashback, the worktop and even on the walls, in soothing colours (light green, white, cream, sand, slate grey, etc.).

You can also adopt earthy, natural colours, whose powdery, matt effect creates a reassuring, soothing atmosphere.


Nature…in paint!

What if you don’t have green fingers and have managed to kill innumerable supposedly-hardy plants?

Good news! You can still enjoy a little nature corner with trompe-l’oeil splashbacks featuring pebbles, beaches, tall grass – all you have to do is choose your dream design and a simple wipe with the sponge will replace daily watering!


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