We open it to eat, to host, or for a snack – the fridge is without doubt the most used element in your kitchen. That’s why choosing the right refrigerator isn’t just about performance and style – it’s about a standard of living. Ixina provides you with all the details you need to find the refrigerator to make your everyday life easier.

Different types of refrigerators

Which type should you choose? For one or two people or a family… Although important, design considerations should come second to volume. Because it must above all be suited to your household.

Single-door fridge

This has a single refrigeration space and sometimes also a small freezer compartment. With a maximum total volume of 230 litres, a single-door fridge is therefore aimed at consumers of fresh products or those with a separate freezer.

The two-door combined fridge-freezer

This combines two household appliances in one. The fridge part has a capacity of between 150 litres to 250 litres while the freezer is around 60 litres to 80 litres. The ratio between the two compartments is often 70/30 in favour of the fridge. But when the freezer space is at the top, it becomes 80/20 in favour of the refrigeratorspace. A combined appliance is therefore suitable for households of two to four people.

American-style fridge

In these, the fridge and freezer compartments are side by side. On average, they offer a 30% larger volume than a combined fridge-freezer. They are almost 1m wide, compared to 70cm for a standard fridge. This model is also available with an ice cube and chilled water dispenser, suitable for large families.

The multi-door refrigerator

This has three or four doors and sometimes a larger volume than an American-style fridge, reaching 1m wide. As with most fridge-freezers, the freezer part is at the bottom, with one or two drawers. It offers 40% more volume (450 litres on average), so it is suitable for families of more than four people.

Table-top fridge

Intended for small kitchens, this has only one door and measures a maximum of 85cm high, allowing it to slip under the worktop or be placed next to it. It sometimes has a freezer space and is more suitable for those who live alone.

Static cooling

Static-cooling refrigerators are the most common technology and the quietest. Generally less expensive, they are also the most energy efficient. These refrigerators are equipped with an evaporator that diffuses cold air and they have different temperature zones. It is therefore important to organise and store your food appropriately, according to its storage instructions and your consumption. The most sensitive foods, for example, should be kept in the lowest and coldest part.

Advantages and disadvantages

+ Cheaper

– Requires organising your food.


Fan-assisted fridges distribute the cold air evenly. A fan circulates the air each time the door is opened and closed.

Advantages and disadvantages

+ Food keeps better and for longer.

– Slightly noisy and mixture of odours possible.

Ventilated cooling

This innovative process gives the fridge a ventilation column to ensure healthy and consistent cooling at all levels.

Advantages and disadvantages

+ Food keeps better and there is no need for defrosting.

– Higher price, plus dry air can dry out unpackaged food.

Where should you put your fridge?

Follow these rules to increase the lifespan of your built-in fridge and optimise its use:

  1. Keep it away from heat sources

  2. Place it near the worktop

  3. Allow at least 5cm of space on each side and at the back to reduce energy consumption.

Would you like more information? Make with one of our advisors, who will be able to recommend the refrigerator that best suits your needs.

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