How to choose the right dishwasher?

How to choose the right dishwasher?

The dishwasher is the ultimate appliance of convenience and an essential ally in any home. Using one will save you money and time! These appliances consume up to five times less water than manual dishwashing.

Choosing a dishwasher means both making your life easier and protecting the planet. What’s not to like?

Criteria to consider when choosing your dishwasher

Choosing the right dishwasher depends on several factors. ixina is here to help you consider the most important ones.

Size and capacity

Three sizes of dishwashers exist (width x height x depth), depending on the number of people, available space and layout of your units:

1. Standard: width 60cm;

2. Compact: width 45cm;

3. Mini: which can be placed on a work surface, for 4 to 6 place settings.

In terms of capacity, you will usually find the following:

- 4 to 10 place settings – compact

- 12/13 place settings – standard

- 14 place settings and more.

Whether you live alone or in a couple, a compact dishwasher (10 place settings) may be sufficient. For larger households, it is better to invest in a capacity of at least 12 place settings.


The programming functions are very important depending on your dishes and your water and electricity consumption.

Options particularly include:

-delayed machine start during off-peak hours. This reduces your energy consumption;

- selection of a programme depending on how dirty your dishes are. This option optimises washing time and water usage.

- selection of a programme for delicate glasses

- Selection of a Hygiene programme for baby bottles or any sensitive dishes

Cutlery basket or drawer

The traditional cutlery basket is no longer the only option! A drawer now allows you to place your cutlery horizontally. Finally resolving the age-old question: “should the blade of the knife face up or down?”. Above all, a cutlery drawer saves space which you can use for plates or pans – so reduces the number of washes!


Dishwasher manufacturers now offer very quiet models. Their sound level can be as low as 36/38 dB, the equivalent of a whisper, considering that the noise level halves for each 3 dB reduction!

Built-in or free-standing dishwasher?

The type of installation results from your kitchen’s layout and the visual harmony desired.

Free-standing dishwasher

Can be installed wherever you want in your kitchen.

Advantages and disadvantages

+ easy to install

+ easy to relocate

– fits less aesthetically into your fitted kitchen

– less ergonomic installation, impossible to have a mid-height model for easier access

Built-in models

These have a front and merge into your kitchen units. They can also be raised up for even greater user-friendliness and comfort.

Advantages and disadvantages

+ more discreet

+ perfect integration into your fitted kitchen

+ can be placed on the ground or at height

– requires adding a unit front

– less easy to move once installed

Focus on the most important points when selecting your dishwasher

Noise level

Appliances display a standardised noise level expressed in decibels. The noise level of dishwashers available on the market generally ranges from 36 to 50 decibels. If you are looking for a quieter model, opt for an appliance with a noise level of 45 dB or below. A dishwasher under 42 dB is considered extremely quiet.


Some brands offer wifi connection. As well as being able to control your device from your sofa using a smartphone app, you can also measure its consumption. This feature allows you to adjust your usage on a daily basis. If you need to contact the after-sales department, on some models this also aids self-diagnosis, making the repair more effective and less expensive. This will avoid a home call-out, which often turns out to be out of warranty.

Need more advice on models or installation? Make an appointment with one of our advisors to choose from our 100 dishwasher options from major household appliance brands to suit all budgets.





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