Plenty of aromas whet your appetite when you’re cooking. However, some unpleasant smells, such as grilled fish or fried food, need to be neutralised. A cooker hood ventilates, traps grease and extracts odours and humidity. ixina helps you combine performance and aesthetics when choosing an extractor hood.


Wall-mounted cooker hoods

Decorative hood

Attached directly to the wall above the hob, decorative hoods do not require a kitchen unit. Available in stainless steel, glass or a combination of the two, they match your cupboard fronts, your oven or your hob.

Retractable hood

This fits into a wall unit and is activated by pulling it out.

Visor hood

This has a tilting glass visor and can be placed beneath a wall unit. It is the cheapest cooker hood.

Kitchen island hoods

Island hood

This is fixed to the ceiling above a central kitchen island with a hob. Sometimes cylindrical, sometimes shaped like a chandelier, an island hood acts as a decorative element.

Ceiling hood

Directly recessed into the ceiling or in its own box, it will be efficient and discreet. This type of installation creates a clear view over the central island.

Downdraft extractor

Do you want discretion? Some hoods fit into a specific unit under the worktop or are directly integrated into the middle of an induction hob.

The selection criteria to observe when choosing your hood

When choosing your cooker hood, you should check:

- Air flow (power in m3) ;

- Different speeds;

- Grease filters (permanent, washable, etc.) ;

- Type of extraction (evacuation or recirculation);

- Sound level (generally between 38 dB and over 70 dB);

Evacuation or recirculation modes

Evacuation hood

These hoods are equipped with an evacuation mode to remove kitchen odours, humidity and fumes. They draw in air from the room and expel it outside. Grease, meanwhile, is trapped in the filters.

Advantage and disadvantage

+ Most efficient system and permanent filters.

– Obligation to have an external air duct fitted in your home.

Recirculation hood

This purifies the air before redistributing it in the room. Odours are trapped by the carbon filter placed between the grease filter and the motor.

Advantage and disadvantage

+ Can be installed in any home.

— Does not remove moisture and carbon filters need to be changed regularly.

Extractor hood height

The distance between your hood and your hob varies depending on whether it is a gas or electric hob and the type of hood chosen. This will be indicated in the user manual.

What extraction power do you need for an open kitchen?

Le The airflow required for your kitchen is calculated as follows: volume of the room in cubic meters x 12. So if your room is 37.5m3, the power of your hood must be 450m3 (37.5 x 12).

Do you need more details? Make to choose from our wide range of cooker hoods.

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